Supreme Profin MARKET Course

For all trading levels and styles, suitable for either beginners or professional traders.


Trading Helps You Take Advantage of Opportunities


Trading Teaches You How to Control Your Emotions


Trading helps You Become an Independent Thinker


Trading Forces You to Think More Clearly



A superb module for those who wish to completely understand at an ultimate level how the Technical Analyses works in terms of fundamental analysis and terminologies.

  1. Get to know deeply the FX terminology
  2. Understand Margin and Leverage
  3. Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Volume and Technical Indicators
  4. Identify the various forex trading platforms and which ones are the best ones
  5. Risk Management: Reduce losses and manage portfolio risk
  6. Money Management: Manage risk on each position and the investment amount
  7. Understand how to apply Technical and Fundamental Analysis


A superb module for those who wish to completely understand at an ultimate level how to make use of the correct Strategies approaching the market and make the full use of them.

  1. Master a profitable diversified Crypto investment portfolio
  2. Build up a systemic trading process with a proper plan in place
  3. Understand deeply the advanced Crypto terminology and principles
  4. Know where to read market news and fundamental data related to Cryptos
  5. Technical Analysis implementing indicators precisely for Cryptos
  6. Trading Cryptos on a Crypto Exchange and what to consider
  7. Trading Cryptos with an Online Broker and what to consider


A superb module for those who wish to completely understand at an ultimate level how to use the benefists of risk and money management.

  1. How do companies become Publicly Traded Companies
  2. Learn the history and the evolution of the Stock Market
  3. Master Technical Analysis: Candlestick, Chart Patterns and Indicators
  4. Wise Money Management and how to safeguard your account
  5. Advanced Risk Management for minimizing trading exposure
  6. Maintain a healthy psychological trading state at all times
  7. Learn to read the news that indeed have an impact on Stocks
  8. Master both Technical and Fundamental Analysis

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Course Overview

Our trading experts provide you with live sessions via zoom where you can ask questions as well as go through the course material in real time.

The students and traders who wish to receive the recorded version of our course’s modules, can simply place their requests via our contact form and our customer support team will procceed accordingly.

Elevate your trading knowledge, experience and expertise with our SUPREME PROFIN TRADING COURSE covering in detail three key areas (modules) wisely and effectively.

The process flow of purchasing our course is as follows:

  1. As a student you purchase the course (Add to Cart and Checkout)
  2. Upon successful purchase, you will then receive your Purchase order via email
  3. Our agents will therefafter approve your registration for joining the training room sessions in Zoom
  4. Students will receive an additional email confirming the successful purchase and registration to the course
  5. The course will be taking place once a week for lifetime
  6. Reminder notifications will be sent to you one day, and one hour, before every session
  7. The students who wish to receive a recorded version of the course can place their request on the website’s contact form

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should I start trading with?

It depends on what your goals are. If you’re learning it’s perfectly acceptable to trade with a smaller amount of money, but as you gain more experience it’s important for it to be worth your while.

Does technical analysis work?

Realistically, gaining a good understanding of technical analysis is useful for becoming more comfortable in interpreting charts, and learning to recognize phenomena such as the post-announcement drift.

How is investing different from trading?

Investing and trading are similar practices, stemming from the same idea; the expectation of an increase in value of an asset and the realization of a benefit, however the use of the two words has changed greatly as markets evolved.

How do I get started trading?

Before you even make your first trade it’s important for you to understand yourself, and your relationship with risk. Consider your financial well-being, and determine whether you intend to pursue an aggressive or a passive investing/trading strategy, and the amount of capital that you intend to dedicate to your account. 

Will computers replace traders?

Not yet. This is one of the most common questions that we’ve heard asked in the past decade, and it’s not as simple as it seems. Computers are capable of crunching numbers and executing tasks a lot faster than we are, and they’re able to perform optimally – meaning to execute the function that will yield the most desirable outcome.


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