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Our experts made up of professional traders and investors, provide you with top-edge carefully guided and supervised mentoring and coaching programmes. Step-by-step mentoring on how to build a fully operational business by not just trading the markets, but also providing top-level price predictions and trading signals to high-net investors and brokers.

Supreme Mentorship

One-On-One Mentorship programme for traders

None of this is too complicated if you approach it the right way. Our Private Trading Mentorship is an excellent option, affording you round-the-clock direct access to a real professional trader, who will guide you through the basics to the advanced levels of trading.




Education is the key at the early stages of financial trading and will help prevent early losses.

  • You`ll get over 30 hours of private mentorship with our top mentors
  • You`ll learn how to make weekly profit from trading financial markets, crypto, forex, stocks and more. 



We set out to improve your knowledge and understanding of the interesting world of technical analysis and give you the ability to be able to stack the odds in your favor.

  • You`ll get over 50 hours of private mentorship with our top mentors.
  • Specially crafted to assure profit on on trading markets.



This is the most comprehensive Trading Mentorship Program to help you learn how to trade the financial markets and consistently make realistic returns every week, regardless of your level of experience.

  • You`ll get over 70 hours of private mentorship with our top mentors.


300 / hour

The Dynamic Mentorship package helps you in case you are confused concerning trading or if you are in need of trading mentorship which focuses on one specific niche. The interesting thing about this package is the fact that you can buy as many hours as you need in order to become a better trader.
• You are free to choose the number of mentorship hours you want;
• You can also split those mentorship hours however you wish to;
• You will benefit from targeted learning for the exact amount that you paid for;
• You will receive help from our top mentors.

Close and Personal

Close and personal with our traders

The Profinacademy Trading Mentorship Programme gets you up close and personal with the traders of our team and their trading activities in real-time. No matter your current level, at Finacademy we teach you our proven strategies and supply you with all the tools you need in order to build a reliable source of income for a lifetime.

At Profinacademy, if you have a problem or a question and you’re not sure what to do next, you get round-the-clock answers from real professional traders.

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Our number one goal is to help you succeed. That’s why we offer so much support. When you work with us you get unlimited access to our Help Desk. Ask questions and get advice from real traders. We provide trading methods and techniques in mastering the craft of trading.



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